Lots of rap today to get your weekend off funky. But not all rap. We’ll start with a simple song by Project Pat, who wants to enquire about the location of dat azz.

Cousin Stizz has a song on the (mostly forgettable) Uncle Drew soundtrack. “Records.” It’s a good addition to Stizz’s impressive discography.

Okay, I’ll go along with this. A rapper you’ve never heard of releasing a dis track against a rapper you’ve never heard of. But it’s a good dis track, and I do love a good fight. Even between two people I don’t know. Here’s T-Wayne’s “Fuck Russ.”

And while I’m playing some recent hip hop, Murs has a new album coming out and here’s the advance single.

And Muggs has a new album coming out, and Freddie Gibbs and MF DOOM are on the advance single. DOOM is releasing a ton of music this year. Looks like he’s really back. Anyway, the video is a cool ‘toon.

Moving away from hip hop, here’s a cover of a really great Sam Phillips tune. Jennifer O’Connor doing a very lo-fi “I Need Love.”

And just because I really, really love the original and doubt all of you are familiar with it, here’s Sam doing her haunting hit…

Moving on, back to new music, which is the purpose of these regular Friday posts, here’s the single from the new album by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

And while we’re at it, the new album by Flasher (titled Constant Image) is a really good indie rock album. Here’s my favorite song from it.

Gimme the Keys is the advance single from the upcoming album by Clutch, and it’s terrific.

“Why” is the new single from the extraordinary Christian rapper NF.

And let’s close with the title track of the new album by Essex Green, a very nice release.

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