May was a good time to be Spider-Man.  His $10, supersized 800th issue (and Dan Slott’s penultimate story after writing the character for about a decade), was the #1 book by a wide margin, despite being more than twice the usual price.  As a result of the huge price, Marvel took 43% of every dollar spent, compared with DC who got only a quarter of them.  DC’s Action Comics #1000 was also overpriced, at $8, but obviously they didn’t sell enough to compete with Marvel.  In addition, Spidey’s “pal” Venom took the second-best slot.

Here’s the top 10 comic books sold last month:

1.  Amazing Spider-Man #800 (Marvel)
2.  Venom #1 (Marvel)
3. Doomsday Clock #5 (DC)
4.  Avengers #1  (Marvel)
5.  Black Panther #1  (Marvel)
6.  Action Comics #1000 (DC)
7. Despicable Deadpool #300 (Marvel)
8. Batman: White Knight #8 (DC)
9.  The Man of Steel #1 (DC)
10.  The Walking Dead #179 (Image)

DC has to be disappointed that their much heralded Superman reboot with Brian Michael Bendis on the writing chores didn’t hit the top 5.  Ouch.  If that doesn’t do it for them, nothing (other than Batman) will.

Unusually, Marvel also did very well on the Graphic Novel side—with a repackaged versions of classic Infinity Gauntlet stories coming in at #2 and #10.  Jim Starlin still can sell books, and his work feels as contemporary now as it did back then.

Top Selling Graphic Novels

1.  Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here (Marvel)
2.  Infinity Gauntlet at #2. (Marvel)
3.  Where We Live: Las Vegas Shooting Benefit Anthology (Image)
4.  Snotgirl Vol. 2  (Image)
5.  Dark Days: The Road to Metal (DC)
6.  Wonder Woman Vol. 5 (DC)
7.  Amazing Spider-Man/Venom: Venom Inc. (Marvel)
8.  Hellboy Omnibus Vol. 1 (Dark Horse)
9.  Black Magick Vol. 2 (Image)
10.  Infinity War (Marvel)

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