There’s a lot of story here!  Hercules is still on a large space station (which is really a space community), but he’s out of money and needs to pay up after losing a bet.  He bet without having money because…

So, he decides to respond to an ad in which a space millionaire asks for help saving his daughter, who is being held hostage by an alien king.  We get some nice combat against robots, and Hercules has a creative way of destroying the king’s fleet so it can’t chase him by throwing a robot’s head through the ships.

Humor and action in one book!  Eventually, he saves the girl, who gets him a new costume.

He doesn’t actually wear this costume for the rest of volume one.  In Volume 2, though, it becomes his standard gear.

As it turns out she wasn’t a hostage after all, she just didn’t want her dad to know she was in love with an alien.  Hercules still gets the cash, though, and pays off his debt (there’s some pretty funny twists there, too).  Also, along the way, Recorder gets arrested and has this exchange with a junkie cellmate…

I love this book!

Creator: Bob Layton
Grade: B+
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