Micronauts #39 (1982)


Look at that cover.  Michael Golden is awesome.

The legendary Steve Ditko comes aboard for a done-in-one.  But what really makes this issue special is that it starts off with some kids trying to find the latest issue of Micronauts, and the local salesperson explaining to them about direct market comics.

The shopkeeper then holds up an issue of the comic, through which The Micronauts magically teleport into the macroverse again,

Being that this is the first direct-mail issue, the team then goes through some narrations about themselves.  It’s all basically setup for the new market, which I assume is why they got a name artist like Ditko to sign on and assist.

At the end of the issue, the team is still on Earth.

Oh, and also, a Bill Mantlo appearance.


Creators: Bill Mantlo and Steve Ditko
Grade: C-
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