Spider-Woman #41 (1981)

Morgan Le Fey has been a looming threat ever since the early issues of this series, but since Claremont rejoined the book he’s been throwing in panels in just about every issue showing her attacking Spider-Woman through her dreams and otherwise undermining her sanity.  This issue starts with a Le Fey phantom showing up at Jessica’s office, and soon after she reappears and gives Spider-Woman a detailed backstory: She says Wonder Woman is the “childe of the Darkhold,” which is “the arcane grimoire of the demon earth-spirit Ch’thon,” who was sealed by Merlyn into Wundagore Mountain (where Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were originally thought to have gotten their powers, until they were retconned as mutants), and says that Jessica was actually born thirty years earlier than she thought, but was held in suspended animation at Wundagore, which “bound her” to Ch’thon.

Le Fey asks Spider-Woman to work alongside her to defeat Ch’thon, but Jessica refuses because she doesn’t trust Le Fey. Which makes sense.  Morgan keeps attacking her, after all.

Lots of words in this issue, and lots of exposition, and we know now that much of it is not true.  Still, it’s classic soapy Claremont and basically works.

Creators: Chris Claremont and Stephen Leialoha
Grade: B
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