Spidey addresses the whole “kids imitate comics” thing.  This shit still goes on today, too.  I’m pretty sure Hitler never read a comic or played Grand Theft Auto.

Roger Stern is phasing out of this book and moving over to Amazing, where he’ll do some of his finest work.  In this story, Moonstone steals Doctor Connors’ enervator machine, which boosts her powers, and Spider-Man defeats her.  It’s a fine tale.

Parker-wise, his girlfriend for the past year or so, Deb Whitman, is now dating a preppy jock with a big chest named Biff (obviously a Flash Thompson stand-in), and Peter is getting interested in a hot science professor named Marcia Kane.  About time he started dating a girl at his own intellectual level.

Creators: Roger Stern (plot), Bill Mantlo (script), Ed Hannigan (pencils)
Grade: C+
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