Micronauts #37 (1982)

Wanna sell a book when sales are flagging?  Add X-Men!  I was a big consumer of the Micronauts toy line when I was a young lad, but I am pretty sure that this was the first issue of the comic book I ever bought, and I’m pretty sure it’s the cover that moved me—Nightcrawler!

And, as if to say, “Hey!  We aren’t liars!” the book opens with the X-Men working on upgrading their danger room.  Then, they all leave to do other stuff, while Nightcrawler stays behind on “sentry duty.”  So, this issue doesn’t really guest star The X-Men, even if they make an appearance.

Then, a new villain named Huntarr chases the Micronauts all the way to Westchester, where they meet up with Nightcrawler.

Kurt then helps them defeat Huntarr who, remember, is only about the size of Nightcrawler’s fist.

Creators: Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen
Grade: C+

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