Thor #312-313 (1981)

We finally get back to Asgard, where the Asgardian God of War, Tyr, is crushing on Sif.  And can you blame him?  She walks around Asgard dressed like that?  I thought it was Aphrodite that wore a see-through nightie!

Anyhow, it’s basically three issues of Thor and Tyr fighting over Sif.  There’s Asgardian politics involved, but that’s the sum and substance of most of it.

During the long battle, Loki sets a Troll loose in New York City.  It’s kind of random mischief, but it adds to the opportunities for fisticuffs and emphasizes Loki’s role as “that dude who can’t resist stirring shit up.”

Creators: Doug Moench (writer), Keith Pollard (layouts), Gene Day (embellisher #312-313)
Grade: C+

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