Marvel’s Missing Video Game Opportunities

Looking forward to a Marvel game but wondering why Marvel didn’t bring it out yet? It seems that Marvel has lost out on an opportunity to engage its fan base with some cool games. And they have lost it out big as a result. Competitors like Activision and Microsoft have been designing games that are bringing gamers together but Marvel seems to be botching it all up.



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A Brief History



Once Upon a time when Sony approached Marvel to purchase the rights to Spider-man, the comic house had offered the entire range of Marvel Superheroes for $25 million only! Sony declined and bought Spiderman at $10 million dollars. That was 1998.


In 2009, Disney bought the rights to at $4.24bn, $4bn more than the offered price to Sony. Skip ahead to 2018, and they have made billions of dollars ever since Iron Man rolled out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe while Sony, is probably kicking itself in the feet.


We can’t help speculating what would have the Marvel Cinematic Universe look like under Sony? Disney has obviously gone as far as possible with the comic book properties and done justice to the movie adaptations. The only remaining avenue being: VIDEO GAMES.


What Could Have Been


Think about the likes of God of War and The Last of Us. The similarity? They are robust with a single-player content, the USP of Sony’s exclusive PlayStation games. Sony, the maker of PlayStation 4 is ready with excellent and exclusive Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Homecoming.


In spite of the LEGO Marvel games, Marvel vs Capcom or Injustice 2, we are missing out on the major superhero video games; Something the upcoming Spider-Man game promises us. Had Sony bought the rights, we could have had a big single-player Thor game or a Black Panther game or an Avengers game already for the various PS models. Even Disney could have transformed MCU into Video Games. Disney, not being platform-specific, could be generating crazy revenues.



Marvel Missing Out



While there is the promise of an Avengers project, the problem is Marvel is missing out on a score of storytelling opportunities. We are yet to experience something like the Arkham Series that DC put together. Looking back at the Ultimate Alliance 2, it’s narrative and character building were some of the areas perked by the storytelling opportunities at Marvel’s disposal.



A video game where you get to create the Civil War would be on the must-play lists!


Anticipation lies heavy as fans have no idea of what to expect. What would be the way to the narrative? Will it be sectioned into one character-one location much like Arkham with gradual expansion into the wider world? Or will it combine several assets and locations of the universe like that of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?


Now that Marvel has finally woken up to its video game deficits and investing in the concepts, could result in chart toppling sales taking Marvel Gaming to the next level if pulled off correctly.


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