Marvel Two-In-One #67 (1980): Hyperion

Unlike most issues of Marvel Two-In-One, this one on the cover is billed as “Thing vs. Hyperion,” making it adversarial where it usually reads, “Thing And…”

The Squadron Supreme is one of Mark Gruenwald’s greatest achievements in Marvel, so of course this story was coming.  Not to mention that there’s been a running sublot featuring Hyperion and Thundra as pro-wrestlers.  Remember how big the WWF was in the 1980s?

But the promised fight from the cover barely happens.  Instead, it’s about Thundra and Hyperion, with Thing showing up at the end just to punch Hyperion a few times.  Then, Hyperion and Thundra run away to Femizonia together

Also, Bill Foster, aka Black Giant-Man is dying from radiation poisoning.

Creators: Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio (script), Ron Wilson
Grade: C-
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