Spider-Woman #17-18 (1979)

This issue feels like one of those 1970s “let’s be bizarre” issues.  Jessica loses her purse (wherein she can fit her entire Spider-Woman costume) at a discotheque, and a woman finds it and puts her costume on and starts dancing.  The woman slips on some pink goo, which enables Jessica to get her costume back, and then a guy she picked up at the disco starts to melt and gets his goo all over her.  No, it’s not subtle.  This is the first bukake in comics.

The guy ends up being the product of a science experiment gone mad, and he has to kill women to sustain himself in an unmelted state.  So it ends up being fairly standard horror stuff.  Still, it gets extra points for being overtly sexual, very strange, and making good use of Infantino’s sketchy art style.

Creators: Mark Gruenwald (script), John Wilburn (plot and “kibitzing”), Carmine Infantino
Grade: C+
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