Ms. Marvel #19 (1978)

The cover bills this issue as the first time Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel meet, but they’ve met before.  Several times.  But it was back before Carol Danvers got her powers.

The Kree Supreme Intelligence, which is a Marvel character that’s impossible to take seriously because it looks like a Jell-O mold, tasks Ronan the Accuser with kidnapping Ms. Marvel to “become the mother to a race of new Kree that no force in the universe can withstand.”  During the attempted snatch, Mar-Vell comes along to assist.

On a side note, it’s pretty cool to see Mar-Vell in chains and not Ms. Marvel.  On the other side of Marvel’s 1970s legacy females, Spider-Woman is frequently depicted in various states of bondage.

Creators: Chris Claremont and Carmine Infantino
Grade: C+

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