The first time I really “got” Joan as Policewoman was she did a cover of “Whatever You Like” by TI.

But that was just my entry point. Since then, I’ve admired her career, so when I heard that her new album, Damned Devotion, would be the most honest songwriting of her career, I had to check it out.

There’s a theme through this album–it’s smooth and moody. It’s easy to just lose yourself in the music, and not even find the lyrics. In fact, I had to listen to it twice before I realized how deep it got. From Warning Bell: “Even in the water, you are so soft in the corner/Soft where you shouldn’t be, and I just died for it every time…” From Tell Me, my favorite song on the album, “You know I won’t be everlasting/So what do you say…You know it’s holy for the asking/Why don’t we separate nowWhat’s real, what’s not real…” These are the conversations we wish we could have, but never do because it’s too frightening, too powerful to give words to the inherent doubt in love and the quiet, mourning rage of a breaking heart.

Great stuff, highly recommended. Check it out.

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