Marvel Team-Up #67 (1978): Tigra

It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a Claremont/Byrne comic, and in this one they prove that Tigra can actually be a decent character.  This is the first Tigra comic I’ve read so far that shows her potential.

And part of the reason is: Kraven the Hunter.

The book starts with Tigra as his prisoner and pet, which is a great idea.  Kraven captures Spider-Man, Tigra breaks out of her trance, and they beat up Kraven.  Oh, but they fight first, of course.

A really solid done-in-one that shows her as more than just a weird monster-like character with no real purpose.

Chris Claremont -and John Byrne
Grade: C+
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K, TI, TEAM, COMP, 1978

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