The Lynnes are two women named Lynne, obviously. And they’ve got a new album out that’s pretty good–country rock.

And while we’re on an Americana tip, let’s move to Ash Gray, who has a new, toe-tapping album out. Great stuff. Here’s the lead track…

Now let’s go in completely the other direction with the Barking Dogs’ new house track…

Not usually my genre, but I do enjoy that song! Now from house back to something a little gentler. Curtis Roush’s new record is a delight. Smooth singer/songwriter rock. Here’s the single:

“Every day I wake up to ills of society, so we escape through pills not sobriety.” Taaalk and Styles P throw some deep wisdom on this track, a clear call out to Jay-Z’s “Can I Live.”

I’m also enjoying some of the songs on the new pop album from The Wombats…

And finally, last but definitely not least, John Oates has finally proven he can go it alone. Arkansas is a triumphant album–rootsy country blues. Just amazing.

Daryll who???

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