So the team supreme is assembled: David Michelinie scripting, coplotting with inker Bob Layton, and John Romita, Jr., turning in the greatest pencil art of his career (except perhaps for his work on Spider-Man).

And what is the first thing they do?

They plant the seeds for the greatest  Iron Man story of all time: Demon in a Bottle.

What a time to be reading Iron Man!


Tony Stark’s life is beginning to fall apart—he’s being stalked by a hitman, who “kills” Stark’s Life Model Decoy on page one and then he gets evicted.  (Eviction was also a constant bugaboo for the Fantastic Four—why didn’t these characters invest in a little real estate, one wonders?)

But even misery loves a little company, so enter Bethany Cabe, Stark’s love interest for the foreseeable future…


Hmm.  Romita drawing a redhead who’s too cool for school.  Sounds familiar….

In the background, Nick Fury and SHIELD are trying to get the U.S. Government to seize Iron Man’s armor as a weapon.

Nick can be such a dick.

Creators: Micheline/Layton/Romita Jr.

Grade: B

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