Amazing Spider-Man #189-190 (1979)


Okay, okay, we get it: Spider-Man has a TV show.

Lots of shilling here.

In a story illustrated by John Byrne and titled, “Mayhem by moonlight!” Spidey takes on a mysterious mummy who turns out to be Man-Wolf.

But first, Aunt May is in the hospital and Peter loses his temper with a doctor.  It’s unusual for him to manifest his powers in plain clothes like this, but the fact that writer Marv Wolfman even thought to do this is an indication that Peter is no longer the guileless nerd of the old Stan Lee days.  Not only was he dating a fashion model, but Betty Leeds is totally into him, too.  His love-life is rolling sixties.

Creators: Marv Wolfman, John Byrne (layouts), Jim Mooney (finishes)
Grade: C
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