Thor #252-259 (1976)

In his quest to find daddy, Thor fights Ulik the Troll, dragons, and others.  For some reason, it’doesn’t bother me that John Buscema uses a sound effect to block out the actual contact of Ulik’s mace with Thor’s face.  The search engages the Warriors Three and Sif-in-Jane-Foster’s-body, and takes them all into space.  This leads to an appearance by The Recorder, which I always love…

And then they square off against Grey Gargoyle, who has his own space battleship now.

It’s all fun, but there’s not much to it.  In the end, they have to race back to Asgard because Enchantress and Executioner are up to no good there.

Note: Issue #254 is a reprint.

Creators: Len Wein, John Buscema (#252-253, 258), and Tony DeZuniga (#255-257)
Grade: C

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