CAPTAIN AMERICA #222-227 (1978)


“Monumental Menace!”  Continuing from the last storyline, Captain America explores his youth and begins to learn all kinds of stuff that gets revised later.  This was an attempt to change his origin, and the reasons for it are not clear.  Instead of being a Brooklyn boy, he’s now from Maryland. Instead of a poor, working class boy, his father was a diplomat and he had a brother who died in Pearl Harbor.

We learn later, much later, that these are all fake memories.  This is basically the beginning of a period that rebooted Cap but did so in a way that made no sense at all–and Roger Stern would correct it all much later during his run, and especially in Captain America #247.

The main villain is a mind-dude called Animus, who looks terrible.

I love Steve Gerber, but I don’t think he’s right for Cap.  In this arc, he has Cap lose his super soldier serum powers and go through life as a de-powered hero.

There were maybe some opportunities here for good character work, Gerber seemed so intent on redoing his origin that it all gets lost.  Roger McKenzie comes aboard to get Cap his powers back with issue #226-227.

The good news is, issue #224 is a fill in and it features the first Mike Zeck Captain America art.

Just look at that beautiful cover!

Creators: Steve Gerber and Sal Buscema (#222-223, 225), Peter Gillis and Mike Zeck (#224), Roger McKenzie and Sal Buscema (#226-227)

Grade: D-


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