Hulk #197-198 (1976)

Hulk meets Man-Thing!  And it’s in a book written by the guy who created Swamp Thing for DC!

On its face, this should be a great match up.  Man Thing is made of ooze so he can’t be smashed, and his only defense is burning things that are afraid of him.  Hulk smashes stuff and never gets scared.  We don’t get pages and pages of Hulk punching goop.  I would have liked that.  Instead, we just get a few pages of Hulk and M-T, before the reappearance of Glob, from Giant-Size Man-Thing #1, who teams up with Man-Thing to teach Hulk that you can’t smash goop.

This is all part of a scheme by Collector, who is more crazy-old-man-looking than ever.

In the end, the three monsters all decide they dislike Collector and they smash the crap out of his spaceship, freeing many of his living trophies.

Meanwhile, Dr. Samson is making time with Betty. I am anticipating that this won’t go well for them.

Lots of great stuff in these issues.  They’re my favorite of Len’s run so far.

Creators: Len Wein and Sal Buscema
Grade: A
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