Daredevil #131-132 (1976): 1st Bullseye!

first appearance of bullseye

Yes!  Bullseye is ready for his close-up!

But wait.

He’s kind of corny.

He’s into deathtraps and he’s all flamboyant…

Oh well.  He’ll get cooler later.

In his first appearance, Bullseye does amazing lethal and nonlethal things with a paper airplane, a grenade, a garbage can, bowling pins, a tuning fork, and a pen.  That’s the fun part.  Actually, the best part is when Bullseye literally uses a human cannonball as a weapon against Daredevil.

Wolfman immediately establishes Bullseye as Marvel’s most explicitly violent character, surpassing all prior Punisher appearances.  And like Punisher, Bullseye’s origins go back to Vietnam, where he was a natural born killer.

This is the beginning of Daredevil becoming a darker, more serious book-but it really picks up speed in a year, when Frank Miller takes over.

A bit of trivia: Bob Brown was the artist, but John Romita Jr. is generally credited as designing Bullseye’s look.

Creators: Marv Wolfman and Bob Brown
Grade: B+
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