Black Goliath #1-5 (1976)

Like so many 1970s Marvel books, it starts with a mugging.  Bill Foster is accosted by some street hoods, so he grows big and literally bowls them down with a garbage can as they flee.  The dialog isn’t great (“Uh-uh!  No leaving without saying you’re sorry!”), but at least it isn’t stilted in an insulting black vernacular, like they often do with Luke Cage.  And you have to applaud Marvel for having two black solo superhero comics out at the same time.  Even today, that’s a rarity.

Sadly, it’s not a very good comic.  Foster is working in research and development for Tony Stark, where he fights off guys who try to steal some tech.  First, it’s Atom Smasher.  Then, a never-seen-again villain called Vulcan.  Then, he caps off his series with a fight against Stilt Man.  Silt-Man?!?

Along the way, we learn that Foster has cancer.

Also, Kurt Busiek chimes in with a letter-troll letter.

“Fantastic!”  Dude.  You’re lying. Here’s the yellow box farewell from issue #5:

Creators: Tony Isabella (“conceived and written” #1), Chris Claremont (writer #2-4), George Tuska (pencils)
Grade: D

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