Thor #240-241 (1975)

It’s never a good sign when a two-part story has multiple creators, but these two issues are notable because it’s the first time we see the Egyptian Gods in a Marvel book.

For reasons I probably should have gotten into when covering earlier issues, Odin has amnesia and is on Earth where he’s living on a farm.  In these issues, the Egyptian gods find him and take him in, recognizing his power, because they need him to lead a faction in an Egyptian pantheon civil war.

Without its leader, Asgard has fallen into disrepair.  Heimdall can’t even lift his conch.  Thor (along with Jane Foster, which is just weird), leads a group of them into the Egyptian pyramids and pull Odin out, restoring his memory.

It’s a fine story, but it could have been a huge, year-long epic war of Asgard vs. Egypt.  That’s what Lee and Kirby would have done with it.  And it would have been awesome.

Creators: – Roy Thomas (plot #240), Bill Mantlo (script #240-241), Sal Buscema (pencils #240), John Buscema (pencils #241)
Grade: B-.  On its own it’s a B, but the lost opportunity of a potentially fantastic epic puts it down a notch.
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