Adventure into Fear with The Man Called Morbius, The Living Vampire #28-29 (1975)

The great thing about this book is you really have no idea what’s going to happen after you open the cover.  The bad thing is…Don Heck.

Vampire hunter Stroud learns from the police that the house Morbius is staying in is haunted.  Morbius learns its haunted when he’s attacked by a creature made of eyes who goes by the name Hell-Eyes.  Hell-Eyes transports Morbius into another dimension and eventually Stroud joins him.  Then halfway through the story Bill Mantlo comes about to bring the book to closure (he knew the series was going to be cancelled when he came on board).

Credits: Doug Moench (#28), Bill Mantlo (#29), Frank Robbins (#28), Don Heck (#29)
Grade: D
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