AVENGERS #136 (1975)

Hank McCoy, the X-Man known as “Beast,” first became grey and furry in the pages of Amazing Adventures #11.

The grey color didn’t last long–in fact, he was blue on the cover of this very issue of The Avengers #136.

In this issue, he meets The Avengers for the first time–actually, just Iron Man–but Tony Stark doesn’t recognize him because he’s all hairy now.

Many members of The Avengers struggle with their appearances and identities: Hulk (for obvious reasons) and Vision for lacking humanity, so having Beast join the team wasn’t a stretch–particularly since their resident scientist, Hank Pym, wasn’t on the team at the time.

He didn’t join in this issue–but at least he started circling their wagon.

Later, he’d become one of my favorite members of the team.

The sad thing about Avengers #136: It began George Tuska’s role as artist.  I hate this guy.  He’s the poor man’s Gene Colan.  But we still had the great Steve Englehart scripts.  And we’re just five issues away from the greatest Avengers artist of them all: George Perez.

Creators: Steve Englehart and George Tuska

Grade: A


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