Marvel Team-Up #14 (1973): Sub-Mariner

Namor was such a major player in the early 1970s.  He turned up everywhere!  I’m not a huge fan of the character to begin with, but having him be the victim of a mugging is just bizarre.  That’s how this tale begins-Spider-Man is on patrol and stops a mugging, and it turns out he saved Namor.

Then they fight, of course.

So if Subby was strong enough to fight Spider-Man, you’d think he could have saved himself from a few thugs in an alley.

Storywise, Namor is in town because Tiger Shark and Dr. Dorcas are creating a race of Men-Fish (that’s really what they’re called).  They team up and stop them.

Also, Web waterskis.

Creators: Len Wein and Gil Kane
Grade: D

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