Marvel Two-In-One #2 (1974)

It’s interesting how heavy this issue is with continuity.  In the first few pages, we get references to numerous other books on sale at the time, firmly placing this book in continuity.  I do love how Marvel used to do that back before the 1990s-they’d reference all this other stuff, but if you didn’t know about it, you still could easily understand the comic you held in your hands.  It always worked for me as a marketing ploy-I always felt like I needed to get those other stories.

Of course, as this website proves, I’m a complete obsessive.

Anyway, Namor and Namorita are living on Hydrobase with the Amphibian people from Sub-Mariner #62.  While there, Wundarr crash-lands in the ocean off the edge of the island.  Remember him?  The Superman clone from Adventures Into Fear with Man-Thing #17?

See what I mean about lots of continuity?

Anyway, the story gets silly from there.  Namor chases Wundarr away, then Namorita explains to Namor that Wundarr wasn’t doing anything wrong.  Wundarr ends up in Manhattan fighting Thing, so Namor goes there to help and we get a brief Namor-vs-Thing fight before we learn that Wundarr’s home planet wasn’t destroyed, as we were led to believe in Fear #17.  His home people, the Dakkamites, arrive and tell Wundarr that his father was a crazy person who was wrong about the planet being doomed, and he was put to death for causing such a stir.  Now, the Dakkamites are here to kill Wundarr because they’re afraid he’ll try to get revenge on the government.  In the end, of course, Namor and Thing fight off Wundarr’s pursuers, and Wundarr ends up in Thing’s arms.

Because, remember, Wundarr has the mind of a small child.  That’s why Thing is saying he doesn’t want to be a babysitter.

It’s odd that the other Dakkamites aren’t also beings of extraordinary power.  They make a few more appearances in the 1970s and ’80s, but never really become a force to be reckoned with.

Creators: Steve Gerber and Gil Kane
Grade: C+
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