ADVENTURE INTO FEAR WITH MAN-THING #19 (1973): 1st Howard the Duck!

It’s here that Man-Thing clearly moves out of horror and into something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  I have to confess: I really like Howard the Duck in concept, but in execution I find the character often hard to take.

Jennifer Kale is having very vivid dreams, nightmares actually, and her grandpa is worried that she’s slowly going insane.

Her brother Andy is downstairs having a midnight snack, and the snack turns into Korrek, a Conan-type from another dimension who is there to hunt down Jennifer.

Then that weird wizard from Fear #15 pops into her room to explain that there is a “nexus point of cosmic forces in the swamp where the Man-Object dwells.”

He means Man-Thing.

Korrek has found Man-Thing and is slashes and hacks away at the muck to no avail, at which point he slouches down and starts talking about how life has become absurd so he wants to die.

Enter Howard the Duck.

That’s kinda brilliant, no?

Meanwhile, Jennifer Kale has been transported by the wizard Dakimh to his dimensional realm, where she is learning how to be a Wizard herself.

From there, it’s a cliffhanger to Man-Thing’s own mag.

Creators: Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik
Grade: B+
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