Marvel Feature #7-10 (1973): Wasp and Ant-Man

If at first you don’t succeed…Quit.

This revival of the Jan-and-Hank solo stories concept just doesn’t work.  It’s generic.  They’re both unable to grow from insect size, and so they face a bunch of mad scientist type villains.  The first dude puts them in bottles.  He’s just a creepy guy who looks like a child molester.

They eventually escape and are immediately snatched up by this guy…

He’s not interesting either.

It’s a sad commentary that the best part of this story are the reprinted pages of Wasp’s origin, which are stuck in the middle of a comic to make you think you’re buying some new material.

Interesting to see early work by two men who would become two of the best artists in the industry, but even they aren’t bringing their A games here.

Creators: Mike Friedrich and P. Craig Russell and Jim Starlin
Grade: F

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