CAPTAIN AMERICA #140-143 (1971)

So Cap is still having his identity crisis, and is kind of going it alone.  This makes his girlfriend, Sharon “Agent 13” Carter, act sad and mopey.  Stan Lee is just incapable of writing women with any kind of dimension.

Anyway, it leads to the exchange at right, which is kind of harsh.  I mean, Cap really has always treated Falcon like a full partner–it’s uncalled for for him to accuse him of being racist, just because Captain America is going on a solo mission instead of including his partner.

Also in this issue, Grey Gargoyle gets the power to turn people into stone slaves–people who can move around like he can, only they are in his thrall.  We get an extended origin story for him, and learn he needs Element X to make more potions.  SHIELD has Element X in a secret base.

And so the fun begins.

Of course, in the end, we get the heroes-standing-around gloating panel, complete with a bonus pro-disarmament sentiment to pander to the college kids.

Creators: Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.

Grade: B

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