Amazing Adventures #5-8 (1971)

Gorgon and Karnak, as a duo, are really the only thing I love about The Inhumans prior to about the turn of the Century.  I love their relationship and their contrary power sets-Gorgon is big and strong and breaks everything, Karnak is lithe and touches only one pressure point.  In this story, they free the evil Maximus because they fear Black Bolt has killed him.  Maximus is being held in a tube (because that’s how we capture and contain people in the Marvel universe), and it’s impossible to tell if he’s breathing.  I like this also because it shows how these two operate from an independent code of ethics.

Anyway, once he’s out Max causes all kinds of problems.

Thor guest stars.  And goshdang it’s great to see Neal Adams draw him.

Meanwhile, on the Black Widow side of  the comic…Things aren’t as good. First of all, what’s with the nipple exposure in this picture?  Was the Comic Code asleep?

Also, her driver Ivan is taking a bigger role now.  He’s becoming an action hero now, teaming up with her.

Creators: Inhumans: Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway (#7 only) and Neal Adams
Black Widow: Roy Thomas (#5-6), Gerry Conway (#7), Roy and Gerry (#8), Gene Colan (#5) and Don Heck (#6-8)
Grade: Inhumans: B-.  Good story, and Adams’ art elevates it to a solid story.

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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