Daredevil #75 (1971)

Once again, Gerry Conway reveals no understanding of Daredevil as he takes the character out of his Hell’s Kitchen universe once again, this time sending down to South America to look into the disappearances of U.S. diplomats.

The investigation is being led by Foggy Nelson, who brings Matt Murdock along with him.  Why is a New York District Attorney doing an international investigation?  Beats me.  But when it comes time for Matt to change into Daredevil, he karate chops his best friend in the head, knocking him out, so that Foggy won’t see him change.

(a) Why isn’t Foggy smart enough to suspect that someone from the NY contingent must be Daredevil, after the man without fear appears to save them?

(b) It’s a real dick move.

(c) Gerry’s prose is even purpler than Stan Lee’s.  “Look at this man, and try to understand his sorrow.”  WTF.  I mean, he’s sad because he knocked out his best buddy?  He SHOULD feel bad about that.

I can’t wait for this run to end.

Creators: Gerry Conway and Gene Colan
Grade: F

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