“He’s never gonna make you afraid/He’s never gonna call you names/You’re never gonna be accused of things you never do….He’s never gonna touch you again.”  Juliana Hatfield’s new album roars with 1990s grrrl power.  It’s easily as good as anything she produced in her hay day…And it’s so much better.  It’s a furious feminist ball of fire, with rage at Bill Cosby and Kellyanne Conway, with frank and hard-to-hear revelations about rape and incest, and all with her characteristic voice, which doesn’t seem to have changed at all.

It’s not all bleak.  There’s a kinda hopeful song (“It’s gotta be sunny somewhere…”), and the hooks are tremendous.

I’ll admit I haven’t followed Hatfield since the days when she was cranking out hits, but from what I’ve heard she’s never made an album as deeply political and personal as this one.  And all I can say is, it’s about time.

Check it out.

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