Is this punk? Is it art-rock? Or is it just noise?

This highly experimental album immediately recalls the early work of Death Grips, or even Nine Inch Nails, in that it’s got a hard edge and sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. The first few songs kept me unsteady (and frankly, unsure) but then “Hypochondria” kicked in, with it’s harshly screamed chorus, “I am feeling way too much!” and I got it. It all made sense.

This Belgian band named its first album after the incredibly long word that, ironically, means “fear of long words.” And there’s a sense of fear here, and a strong sense of the unusual, as just about every song has a strange title that you’ll need look up. “Cromakalim” is a stimulant used to treat asthma. Elephantiasis is a rare disease. Clammy Hands are, well, self-explanatory.

Don’t listen to this if you’re feeling sad or trying to go to sleep. But if you want to hear something incredibly fresh and new, check it out. It gets a high recommendation from me.

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