Avengers #75-76 (1970) (1st appearance of Arkon)


Yellowjacket and Wasp quit the team to go study the effects of offshore drilling in Alaska, and Bill Foster lurks in the background.  And, as if to meet a quota, another man and woman team show up to replace them: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

We also see that Quicksilver apparently can run like a cannonball.

We learn that Pietro and Wanda were looking for a way to get Scarlet Witch her powers back when they ran across a multidimensional barbarian named Arkon the Magnificent….

It’s the first appearance of Arkon who, ironically, also appeared and screwed up West Coast Avengers for their 75th issue, too.

Anyway, Arkon immediately got the hots for Wanda and decided to blow up Earth (because destroying Earth would, apparently, create an interdimensional sun so that his own world could survive-don’t ask).  So, the team goes to Arkon’s world, saves Wanda, and prevents catastrophe.

For some reason (Stockholm syndrome?), Scarlet Witch kinda falls for him.  But then, she never was the most stableperson in the Marvel Universe.  Anyway, Scarlet Witch falls in love with the dude (he is pretty cut and he got that long hair–Vision got no hair at all), but by the end everything is back to the way it was. Arkon has a way with the ladies. In future appearances, he tries to get it on with Storm.

There’s gotta be a back story why he’s been in so many major appearances.  He was in JLA/Avengers, too…And even appeared in the X-Men cartoon!

Creators: Roy Thomas and John Buscema

Grade: C-.  I just can’t grade an Arkon appearance any higher.



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