AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #83-85: The Kingpin Family

kingpin wife
A man called “The Schemer” is trying to take over Kingpin’s domain.  The villain and story is generic, but we get some insight into Wilson and Vanessa’s relationship when she seems to imply that their son killed himself because he hated what his dad did for a living.  We also see Flash going to Vietnam and Aunt May struggling with health issues-and then, out of nowhere, a speeding truck flies at Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, who are just walking down the street.  Peter pushes her out of the way, but…

Yeah.  In a few years, Peter-as-Spidey will kill Gwen when he tries to save her from a fall but pulls too abruptly on his webline.  Dude has to learn his own strength.

Oh, and by the end of this story, the predictable happens…


Yes, it’s Kingpin as family man.  It’s the way Marvel humanizes a brutal and brutish crimelord.

Creators: Stan and John Romita

Grade: B-

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