THE DEFENDERS #7-8 (1973)

Steve Englehart’s genius shows as he continues the story of this non-team and finds the best use of Hulk ever: As comic relief!

And it makes sense that he can be the source of humor for this book, because his power level is pretty much equal to his compatriots: Namor, Strange and Valkyrie.  In the scene above, Val is fighting Hawkeye in a misunderstanding-fight, and Hulk finds it funny.

The rest of this story involves The Defenders fighting Attuma and Red Ghost.

It looks like Hawkeye is on the team now.  And Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer have a little side-adventure, so it looks like Norrin may be joining us again soon.

Creators: Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema
Grade: B-
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