WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring The Best Song of the Year and The Best Christmas Song of All Time

A bold claim, but Jason Isbell’s new single is my favorite song of the year. I know that the theme is a little common, maybe even cliche, to miss someone and hope they come home, but this song will not leave my head or my heart. Maybe it’s just because of what I’m going through with my own relationship–but isn’t that exactly what music is supposed to do?

Jack White’s new single is good, muscular blues…

Joell Ortiz’s new one isn’t his best, but even average Ortiz is better than most people’s A game…It’s a little weird to hear him rap about how underground he is. I mean, by now pretty much everyone who knows even a little hip hop knows him. He recorded with Eminem, for Chrissake!

And your favorite jailed rapper is still pushing out material, even while behind bars…

I also dug the punky, rootsy new album by the Routes…Here’s the single.

How about a cover? It ain’t Christmas, but there’s always room for my favorite Christmas song….

Cousin Stizz ain’t indie anymore. This is the first single I’ve seen of his that has the RCA label claiming ownership. And it’s about getting rich. And, frankly, it’s not as interesting as his earlier work. It’s still good, and I certainly have high hopes for his first album, it’s just not as good.

And let’s bookend this post with more Isbell. Here’s an old cover he did, where he made a cheesy Alabama song sound…Pretty darn awesome.

Okay, yeah, I’m in love with Jason.

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