CAPTAIN AMERICA #115-117: The First Appearance of Falcon


Also of interest: In issues #115-118, Gene Colan begins his long-running stint as a Cap artist.  I really would never have picked him to be a good fit with Cap, but he does nice work here–and it helps transition the book once again.  Under Lee/Kirby, it was an adventure book.  Under Lee/Steranko, it was spy stories.  Now, with Colan, we get a mix of the two: Weird, trippy art and action-based stories.

Falcon is a prisoner on an island in Haiti (when Cap meets him he says: “You sound more Harlem than Haiti”), where Steve Rogers is sent while Red Skull has hijacked his body.  That’s right: Skull used the Cosmic Cube to do a body switch.

Foreshadows of Ed Brubaker….

Creators: Stan Lee and Gene Colan

Grade: B-

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