Marvel Super Heroes #14-17 (1968)

I’m not gonna lie: Marvel Super Heroes was a shit comic.  After introducing Captain Marvel, the anthology series descended into awfulness.  #14 was a solo Spider-Man story that was created as a fill-in issue.  It’s the first time Ross Andru draws Spidey, so I guess that’s cool, but the story is just awful.  Spidey Super Stories were better than this.

#15 is a solo story about Medusa, back in her days with the Frightful Four.  It was designed to lead-in to a solo Medusa book, but that never happened.  Proabably because the comic sucked.

The book had been one new story, backed up with several reprints.  #16 is all reprints.  At least I think it is—there’s no creator credits anywhere to be found.

Then for #17, Roy Thomas and Howard Purcell tell an expanded origin of the Dane Whitman version of Black Knight—the heroic one.  Arguably, it’s a more important issue since Black Knight becomes an Avenger in the future, but…It’s Black Knight.  Nobody cares.

Creators: Various
Grade: F

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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