The best thing about the Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly buddy comedy “Step Brothers” has little to do with the film. Because, frankly, the movie was stupid.

But Don Trip and Starlito loved it enough to name three mixtapes after it. And the third, Step Brothers 3, is probably a perfect mixtape. It starts with the “rally around the speakers” anthem Yeah 5X, and then immediately continues the party with Boomshakalaka.

Yeah, that’s the obvious single.

But there’s real content here, too. Good Cop/Bad Cop shows a remarkable amount of depth and sympathy to the police force—but, specifically, to cops that shoot kids. Yeah, sympathy for a person who in most songs is reduced to a caricature. No, it doesn’t justify bad cop behavior—but it does emphasize that the problem is bigger than just racism. The song tells about cultural influences, fear, and how at the end of the day we all just want to return home to our kids. You don’t get songs like this from most rappers.

Check it out. Real hip hop out of Tennessee.

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