Thor #154-157 (1968): The Mangog and Ragnarok!

Ulik revives Mangog, the last survivor of a race wiped out by Odin.  Sif, who is in the hospital from last issue’s battle, is visited by Thor who has the power to heal her using his hammer.

As far as I know, this power hasn’t been used in any other Thor appearances.  I’m going to explain it away as something that only works on other Asgardians, and it’s one of those things Odin let happen because…Odin.  Right?  Even though for most of this adventure he’s in the Odinsleep.  Maybe his subconscious gave Thor the power because even sleepy Odin wants to protect Asgard.

Anyway, the importance of Mangog coming back to life and threatening to bring about Ragnarok, the end of the Gods, apparently reverberates across the universe to Rigel.  Remember Rigel, from Journey into Mystery #131?

Anyway, seeing as how potentially important this all is, they send the Recorder to Asgard, who gets stopped the God of TSA, Heimdall.

I love the Recorder.

Anyway, things look bad.  Mangog is a prime ass-kicker and all kinds of chaos starts going on.  It’s funny that Asgard can’t seem to stay out of peril for more than a few issues.  And when things look their worst…

Jack Kirby gives us a full page, classic cavalry pic!

Then, Odin wakes up and resolves everything by restoring Mangog’s race and putting them on an outer space planet.  Seriously.  Very lame ending.

But in all, still a great story.

Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
First appearance: Mangog
Grade: B-

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