THE X-MEN #44-47: Gary Friedrich! (1967)

Gary Friedrich was an interesting 1960s comic book writer.  Sometimes, he’d do really cool stuff, like creating Ghost Rider. Other times, he’d do really solid work with licensed-type properties like Frankenstein.  And my favorite of his stories was the first version of “Hulk On Trial,” which would ultimately become a trope and lead to the incredible Planet Hulk story that’s soon to be part of a major Marvel movie (Thor 3).

His work on X-Men was short, but he did an interesting issue about the reading of Professor X’s will.  Yeah, that’s Foggy Nelson as the attorney.  All in all, these stories still don’t “matter”–but they’re better than most X-Men stories of late.

Creators: Gary Friedrich and Werner Roth

Grade: B-

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