How to Make a Girl Crazy for You?

How often have you found yourself in love with the girl who was sort of not of your league? If so, the most common decision is to give up. She’s not of your league, she won’t even look at you. Is to give up is the best way? Well, if you’re too lazy for trying to win the girl, yep, that’s the best way for you. But if you believe in miracles, you should try to win her. Actually, winning the girl not from your league has nothing to do with miracles. If you learn certain practical tricks you may win any girl regardless of who you are and what you like.

So, without any further ado let’s delve into tips how to make a girl mad about you. Say ‘thanks’ to our friends from for providing you with these useful tips!

Understanding girls

You need to understand girls if you want to learn how to act around them. Yes, probably you want to lure one particular girl, but it is better to know how to hang around with girls in general. Moreover, the more girls in general like you the higher the possibilities that your love interest will like you.

Forget the myths

If you want to win your girls you should forget about myths that guys spread about what girls like and what girls don’t like. First of all, there are no “girls”, and if you did your homework on understanding girls you know that. Each one is an individual and each one has its own peculiarities. So, while one girls may enjoy stupid romance books and “The Twilight Saga”, another maybe into box and horror movies.

Be likeable

 When you try to charm a girl who’s not from your league, it is important to be likeable. You can be romantic, you can be sensitive, you can even be a superman. But do it only if it corresponds your real persona, otherwise you can easily overdo it. When you overdo being romantic or heroic, it’s unlikely that you would turn out to be her favorite character from romance book or her favorite superhero. Most likely you would become some sort of a vaudeville caricature of one of them. Being likeable saves you from risks of becoming a Frankenstein’s Monster.

Make the first move

Well, she’s not from your league, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want your attention. So, if you’re that interested in her, don’t be afraid to ask her out. Moreover, she may have never been out, because everybody around her were just like you – thinking that she’s already in relationships with someone or that she’s too beautiful and gorgeous for them.

If she refuses or doesn’t give any answer at first, try to ask her out once again. Be persistent, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want her to think that you’re a stalker or something. Ask her out again sometime later, but don’t push on her. You need to act as a cool and confident person to impress her

Live up to expectations

She agreed and you’re dating now? Well, now you can relax and calm down, right? Wrong, you need to live up to expectations you’ve set. So, you need to have a fresh breath each time you kiss, you need to be a good boyfriend, and you need to work to keep your relationships healthy. Don’t disappoint her after trying so hard to win her.

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