AVENGERS #50 (1968)

Finally. After dozens of mediocre issues, we finally have some solid Avengers stories. And some of the upcoming ones will be legendary. Issue #50 is basically a Hercules solo story, featuring huge and muscular Gods—which is tailor made for Buscema’s art.

At the end of the story, Herc stays in Olympus. Which means The Avengers are down to Ant-Man (Hank Pym lost the power to be Goliath), Wasp (who just wants Hank to quit superheroing and settle down with her), and Hawkeye.

And there’s a letter….

Yep, that’s Tony Isabella: Future creator of Goliath (black version) and Black Lightning for DC. In fact, it was letters like this—to Roy Thomas’ comics—that led Thomas to hire Isabella as an editor, just a few years later in 1972.

Creators: Roy Thomas, John Buscema
Grade: A

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