COMIC BOOK NEWS: DC’s New Line that isn’t a Rebirth, New TV Adaptations, and the Promise of a Great Third Guardians Movie…And more!

Another installment of my monthly news round-up, and this time we lead with D.C.’s DARK MATTER: It’s DC’s big, new way to (not) reboot their line: Dark Matter.  We’ll be seeing a “Dark Metal” event, written by Scott Snyder, this summer, and it will be followed by an artist-centric group of five books about new characters:
  • The Silencer by Dan Abnett and John Romita Jr., about a female vigilante who Romita assures us is not “Francine Castle.”  Frankly (no pun intended), the solicits read more like Dark Horse’s wonderful Lady Killer series: An expert assassin is living in the suburbs, and is pulled back into the old life.
  • Sideways by Dan DiDio, Justin Jordan and Kenneth Rocafort: A kid can teleport using black magic, and he’s drawn to the dark side. 
  • Immortal Men by James Tynion IV and Jim Lee(!): Five brothers and sisters can live forever, and they marshal forces to fight a coming apocalypse.
  • Damage by Robert Venditti and Tony S. Daniel.  This one sounds a bit like The Hulk: A war veteran just wants to live in peace, but he is linked to a fearsome monster that comes to our dimension for an hour a day.
  • New Challengers by Scott Snyder and Andy Kubert. This appears to be some kind of reboot of DC’s old series, Challengers of the Unknown.

OK, so what else is news?
ON T.V.: CLOAK AND DAGGER, AND NEW WARRIORS.  The D-list “New Warriors” team, which has never really been able to carry an audience, is getting a TV show.  And the central character will be Squirrel Girl. And its on Freeform. Nothing there sounds promising, although I am rooting for Freeform to be successful because they’re also responsible for the Cloak and Dagger series—and I so, so, so want that one to be good.  But since it’s for kids, I doubt I’ll be all that into it.

INVINCIBLE ON THE BIG SCREEN!  Robert Kirkman may be the only comic book creator left who believes in sequential numbering.  His Walking Dead series has become a very successful TV show, and now his Invincible series, which is set to end with issue #144 (in about a year or so), has a deal at Universal Pictures–with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg signed on to create the film.  They did a good job with Preacher so, I’m hopeful.  And maybe renumbing to “one” isn’t always the best thing to do!
OF COURSE, QUALITY ISN’T NECESSARY FOR TV: IRON FIST!    The torturously terrible Netflix show Iron Fist is the most binge-watched Netflix drama of 2017.  Of course, it’s only April.  We’ll see if the fact that it is pure, boring crap will hurt The Defenders, due later in 2017.
MORE ANIMOSITY!  Not a commentary on America, a comic!  If you missed Marguerite Bennett’s creator-owned After Shock series Animosity, about a world where animals take over the Earth, it’s coming back in July.  The indie publisher promises a trilogy.  Really good stuff-worth looking around for, and you’ll have to because After Shock’s distribution ain’t the best in the world.
GotG3.  Writer/director James Gunn will return for the third movie.  He was reluctant, recognizing that the third installment of most trilogies pretty much suck and he “didn’t want to become a part of that dishonorable tradition of pretending the third one doesn’t exist.”  But he’s decided he has enough to say to make Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.
PRIEST WILL WRITE FOR MARVEL AGAIN!  Priest, aka Jim Owsley, one of the first major African American comic book writers, took a long hiatus from the industry and an even longer one from Marvel.  But he’s coming back in August to write a 5-issue miniseries: “Inhumans: Once and Future Kings.”  Just in time for them to be on TV!  Priest has had acclaimed runs in the 1980s on Power Man and Iron Fist and the 2000s on Black Panther, but left the industry under pretty bad terms.  He recently returned to write a Deathstroke solo book for DC, and now Marvel has wooed him back to write a definitive origin story for The Inhumans—presumably it will have more than a little modernizing retcon.  It will take place decades ago, when most of the regular stable of the Inhuman Royal Family were just getting their powers.
TITANS AND YOUNG JUSTICE.  Warner Bros. will release new animated episodes of the once-great Young Justice cartoon and a live-actor Teen Titans series, but it won’t be on TNT.  Instead, CW producer Greg “Green Arrow” Berlanti will launch it on a digital-only WB channel.  So luddites like me will have a lot of trouble accessing it.  Thanks a lot.
THE RETURN OF KINGSMAN.  The original movie—which was a lot of fun—is getting a sequel, arriving in theaters September 22.  So Mark Millar is producing a new comic, also in September, titled Kingsman: The Red Diamond.
TELL ME WHEN TO COME!  Details on future movies were released in huge spurts last month…Assuming the world isn’t a smoking crater by the end of 2017, 2018 has a bunch of interesting possibilities…
  • The New Mutants movie, working title “Growing Pains,” will come out April 18, 2018.
  • Sony’s Miles Moraeles animated Spider-Man movie should arrive on in actual theaters—not just On Demand–on December 14, 2018.
  • Sony also has announced a live-action He-Man & The Masters of the Universe for December 18, 2019, to be written David S. Goyer.  Because everyone is clamoring for this, right?

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