Top 5 Tools That Do Your Homework For You

Some decades ago, homework was all about the teacher writing an assignment on the chalkboard and the rest was up to you to complete it. During that time, resources available to do your homework was limited and it was your responsibility to complete the task in a timely manner.
A common question that pops up when the word homework is mentioned is, who will do homework for me? With the current advancement in technology, it is easier to complete your homework without having to put in a lot of work and time. Most of this has been made possible by the availability of educational apps and websites that help with homework to help complete tasks quickly. One specific task that has speeded up is homework.
So, let’s take a closer look at some of the top tools that can do your homework for you.
• Google Apps for Education
The giant search engine, Google, has free browser-based apps safe for school use. Google Apps for Educations is an alternative to the installable productivity software that most students will love. It’s absolutely free with favorite features like Google Docs, Google Drive with Classroom, Hangouts, Google Sheets, and a digital hub for organizing assignments. The main aim of this whole collection is to help with homework and make learning smooth.
Although Google Apps for Education is cloud-based, this tool can also be used offline. This is ideal when you want to escape the distractions caused by the internet. It can work on any device, so students don’t need to budget for expensive gadgets.
• Slader
Slader is an app designed for high school and college students. Here, you can post and answer questions in subjects such as math and science. If you need homework help in science, the crowdsourcing app has a lot of questions with answers based on popular textbooks to help you with it. The tool can be considered a platform for students to access educational help.
• Homework Helper
Homework Helper app is a place where students can get help or answers to their homework or any other assignment. The student simply posts a picture or type their question on the homework help online forums, and those who get the correct answer to these questions have a chance to win e-coins that can buy devices such as iPhones and laptops.
• iProcrastinate
This tool which is available for both Mac and the iPhone, allows the students to organize to-do lists and other important tasks by listing all the steps taken to complete them. It allows the user to set tasks according to the order of urgency. Similarly, it breaks down large projects into small manageable tasks. Addition features include color-coding and ability to share different tasks with others.
• iHomework
For high school and college students, it is common to be burdened by loads of assignment that doesn’t seem to end. iHomework tool can help you ease the burden by keeping track of all your work. It breaks down a task into small parts that are more manageable. For instance, if you want to do math homework, you can divide your work based on due date, week, month, or even by topic.
It has a unique feature where the user can integrate data and link your reading materials to your assignments in case you need the information in future. It also contains a scheduling feature to help you keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly tasks. And to seal it all, the iCloud syncing allows you to access any information on any Apple compatible device.

In school, studying and doing homework goes hand in hand if you want to achieve your educational goals. This isn’t the most fun part in a student’s life, but it is important to succeed during this period. With the help of these tools, your homework will because easier and your study habits will improve.

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