I really should bundle this issue in with the ones that follow it, but I love Gorgon so much I’m giving him his own post.

Apparently, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby must have really loved Medusa, because in this issue she gets “reintroduced.”  We’re not sure why yet, but this issue is basically just Gorgon hunting down Medusa for reasons unknown.

Look how Corben-esque that picture on the right is!

It takes place right after Reed and Sue were married in Fantastic Four Annual #3, so the splash promises us a short wedding.

Next issue, we meet more Inhumans and the mystery begins to get clear.

NOTE: My tag for every appearance of the Inhumans begins with this issue because Medusa wasn’t really an Inhuman before now–it’s clearly a retcon.

Creators: Stan and Jack
First appearance: Gorgon
Grade: A

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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