JJJ is a telephone tough guy.

This is the one where JJJ creates a spider-slayer prototype, plasters a video feed of his face on the front, and goes after Spidey.  But here’s really only one reason to read this issue, and she’s in the panel above.

Creators: Steve Ditko gets a “plot” credit—pretty cool—but Stan still takes script.  Ditko’s on pencils and inks, as usual.  This “credit” note, below, reflects the increasing, ongoing tension between Steve and Stan, where Steve felt Stan was a credit-stealing blowhard and Stan felt nobody would even know who Steve Ditko was if Stan wasn’t such a masterful writer and hype man.  Probably a lot of truth on both sides of the equation, really.

First appearance: Mary Jane Watson, sort of, because her face is obscure.  But at least we know she exists—before now, she’s just been a character Aunt May uses to threaten Peter’s social life.
Grade: C, because of MJ, otherwise this would be the rare example of a Lee/Ditko F.

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