STRANGE TALES #124-127 (1964)

Okay, time to bundle some issues because…Wow.  Most of these are bad. But issues #126 and 127 have the first two part Dr. Strange story, and it’s pretty good.  We meet Clea and Dormammu, see The Mindless Ones for the first time.  These are the Strange stories I really enjoy.  But the Human Torch stories are just awful.  It’s basically become a team-up book for Torch and The Thing, and every issue is the same: They tease each other, they meet a bad guy (usually The Wizard or Paste Pot Pete), and they beat him up.

Creators: Torch stories: Lee/Ayers
Grade: F
Creators: Dr. Strange stories: Lee/Ditko
Grade: A- for issues #126-127; the rest get a C.

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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